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Current projects
Finished projects and references
Communications technology and RF applications
Development of a phase and gain measurement test set for I-Q-modulated RF signals.
With this test set, phase and gain distortions during the transmission of I-Q-modulated data signals
can be measured.
Development of a technique to reduce the eavesdropping risk of analog tranmission of video signals.
Design, testing and quality assurance for the production of a 150 Watts RF power generator for opening
mercury filled capsules in the production of neon signs.
Development of a universal spread spectrum transceiver for full-duplex transmission of analog
(video/audio, for example) and digital data (W-Fieldbus, W-LAN) in the 2.45 GHz ISM band.
Development of a 5.8 GHz RF module to extend the frequency range of the spread spectrum transceiver
Development of an emergency shutdown module for the 2.45 GHz transceiver according to EN 954, including
TÜV approval. The emergency shutdown module is a customer specific extension to the 2.45 GHz transceiver.
Development of a FSK/OOK transceiver for semi-duplex transmission of digital data.
in the 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz or 915 MHz ISM band.
Contactless recognition of objects that can not be separated by vision
(RFID system using the 27 MHz band).
Development of a power amplifier with adjustable gain to drive an AOTF (Acousto Optic Tunable Filter)
for the Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie as a part of a NIR (near infrared) spectrometer.
This development was done in cooperation with Ingenieurbüro Herwig Marschelke.
Development of the RF frontend of satellite TV card with DiSEqC for personal computers
for Hauppauge! Computer Works.
Emergency beacon (470 MHz).
Setting up of operation and testing of telemetry system for the surveillance of dangerous goods
during transportation in cooperation with Dornier Consulting GmbH, Friedrichshafen
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