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Video transmitter with GPS data link for MAV (Micro Aerial Vehicle) applications

The miniature video transmitter is a special development for use in close-up range reconnaissance using MAVs1.
The device transmits a real-time colour video signal together with the current position of the vehicle (GPS coordinates).

The modular system consists of:

Data modem and
power supply unit
Video transmitter unit GPS receiver unit
Power supply of the MAV video transmitter Modulator and transmitter PA unti of the des MAV video transmitter GPS receiver unit of the MAV video transmitter

The miniature video transmitter has a high output power of 500 mW (+27 dBm) while being compact and lightweight in design. At the same time maximum modularity and flexibility has been maintained: All circuit boards can have 0 or 180 mounting position relative to the other boards. This enables the adaption of the positions of the GPS antenna connector, power supply and camera connector as well as the transmitter antenna to various mechanical requirements.

The power supply is suitable for an input voltage range from 9 to 16 V DC. The use of an internal DC/DC converter and integrated filters allows high noise levels in the power supply, e.g. like they may occur with electronic speed controllers.

The video transmitter is suitable for standard FBAS PAL or NTSC video signals. The video transmitter provides a connector for camera power supply up to 100 mA at 12 V DC. The transmit center frequency is PLL stabilized and can be adjusted in 0.5 MHz steps.

It is possible to use passive GPS receiving antennas or active GPS receiving antennas up to 35 mA at 3.3 V DC. The GPS receiver can be used together with the data modem, without the video transmitter unit and the video transmitter unit can be used together with the data modem, without the GPS receiver unit.

Instead of the integrated antenna, an external transmitter antenna can be fitted to the device.

 To download the complete datasheet (as PDF), click here.

 To download the datasheet of the corresponding video and GPS data receiver (as PDF), click here.

The transmitter has the following specifications:

Video transmitter unit
Operating frequency range 2400 MHz - 2450 MHz
Programmable center frequency step width
(PLL stabilized)
0.5 MHz
Output power 500 mW (+27 dBm)
Cooling Convection
Antenna integrated
Antenna gain +2 dBi
Video input 1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
Preemphasis Video according to CCIR 405
Modulation FM
Audio channels 1
Weight 8 g
Data modem and power supply unit
Modem Bell 202 compatible
Data input 3.3 V / 5 V (TTL)
Microcontroller 8 Bit RISC
Sound carrier VCO 6.5 MHz
Modulation FM with Preemphasis
Input voltage range DC/DC converter 9 - 16 V DC
Output voltages DC/DC converter +5 V, +12 V
Output power DC/DC converter 6.5 W
Cooling Convection
Weight 19 g
GPS receiver unit
Receiver u-Blox TIM-LF
GPS Data NMEA 2.3, 4800 Baud
Data output 3.3 V TTL
GPS antenna active 3.3 V, 35 mA or passive
Antenna connector SMA female or soldered to the PCB
Weight (without GPS Antenna) 8 g
CCD 1/3", 795 (H) x 596 (V)
Lense 3.6 mm F 2.0/92°
Sensitivity 0.8 Lux @ F 1.2 5600°K
Resolution PAL, 580 Lines
White balance Automatic
Gain control Automatic
S/N 52 dB min. / 60 dB typ. (AGC off)
Power supply 12 V / 90 mA
Kompletter MAV Videosender mit Kamera
Complete system (without camera, without GPS Antenna)
Dimensions (without transmitter antenna) 40 x 40 x 28 mm
Dimensions (with transmitter antenna) 40 x 52 x 28 mm
Weight 35 g
Current consumption 430 mA @ 12 V DC
Complete system (with camera and GPS Antenna)
Weight 51 g
Current consumption 570 mA @ 12 V DC
Kompletter MAV Videosender 3D-Zeichnung des MAV Videosenders




The term UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) also includes Mini-UAV or Micro-UAV, MAV (Micro Air Vehicle / Micro Aerial Vehicle) and RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle).


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