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Are you studying communications technology or electronics?
Are you looking for a practical semester opportunity or a subject for your diploma or master thesis?

At IFN you can work on:

 radio frequency technology
 measurement technology
 general electronics hardware development

The following topics have already been covered, either as a diploma thesis or during a pratical semester:

 Development and simulation of a 5.8 GHz transverter with ADS (diploma thesis)
 Development of a 433/868 MHz FSK transceiver (second practical semester)
 Design and simulation of a control loop for the tube compressor (first practical semester)
 Development of a software for creating SPICE model data (version 2G6) for triode and pentode tubes
from data sheet information (second practical semester)
 Development of SPICE model data for the ECC83 bi-triode tube (second practical semester)
 Development of a tube compressor (AGC and limiter) for professional studio applications.
In contrast to other commercially available devices, the tube compressor is no hybrid device where
the gain control is done with a FET. In the IFN tube compressor the input stage, gain control and
output stage are built with tubes. (second practical semester)
 Automatc high tone correction for music transmissions of radio stations with tunable filters
(diploma thesis)

Are you interested?
Please do contact us and get information on the current topics:

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